Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love You

It was, a moment, one perhaps of thousands that occur every day, but go unnoticed, a moment that can brighten a day, demand a smile, and underline the best of the human condition.I was privy to one of those moments; in fact, I was a participant, not by design, but by accident. And I shall not soon forget the occasion.I was walking my dog, Duffy, a mutt, to put it accurately. It was a chilly fall morning; both of us were in no hurry. Each of us was feeling the assault of time, limbs, and a propensity to take slow rather than swift steps. And of course there was for Duffy the profusion of sniffs and smells to be close examined, a territory to be marked. The dog leading, (we share the decision making, we approached Jackman Public School. In front a procession of cars, most expensive drove up, stopped and deposited a child, or two or three onto the side walk. Mothers and the occasional father, would yell a goodbye, or `have you got your....' whatever your was, or be good... The children, in haste to meet friends and beat the bell ran, skipped or scurried through the front door under the watchful eye of a teacher. Duffy leading we approached the front of the school, Duffy receiving the usual number of pats, and enjoying as usual, the attention. The number of cars leaving of children thinned out, as nine o clock approached, and the sound of the school bell, marking the start of another school day, was minutes away.It was then I noticed a rather expensive Volvo pull up. The front passenger door opened and a young girl exited with some haste. Off she went, skipping more than running, her back pack bouncing up and down, her sneakers making a soft squish as her feet hit the ground.`` I love you`` her mother yelled though the car`s open window. ``I love you`` she repeated.The child turned, `what did you say`` as mum and car began to move off. ``She said she loves you `` I yelled out,``I love you too Mum`` ``She says she loves you too`` I shouted at the slowly moving car.The mother smiled and waved, the car disappeared around a corner, and Duffy and I walked on.I love you I said to myself. What a marvellous sentence for a child to hear to begin the day. A delicious moment indeed.


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